United Systems is driven by stratagems of experienced connoisseurs in the field of Industrial Project Execution from Concept to Commissioning. Established in 2010, we are an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company in the field of Engineering contracting in the Power, Oil and other Process Industries. We specialise in various turnkey packages and have earned a reputation as industry experts through our unrelenting commitment and exemplary project executions. We believe our teamwork is our strength and our people our USP. That’s why, we are led by seasoned industry professionals and driven by an engineering and CAD division proven in handling a wide range of products and services. Our workforce are trained and equipped to handle Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation functions besides having a strong foundation on Project and Construction management as part of the EPC set-up.

The Leader and leadership for global panorama

Durairaj Kumaraswamy

Managing Director
Having achieved an exponential growth since our inception in 2010, the Company has attained prominence as a leader in the field of engineering constructions through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards, recognized safety performance and dedicated commitment towards the environment and society. It is our endeavour to serve our valued customers with excellent workmanship and efficient management for attaining extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction. We believe our people are our USP and nurturing & grooming them is our way of creating a niche for ourselves in this competitive segment. We continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency to be well prepared for the ever changing demands of today’s era. As we look to the years ahead we remain committed to achieving excellence by successfully overcoming all challenges before us.

Echo of Engineering

We understand the significance of every employed talent’s dream. We pursue the power of possibilities through Engineering dreams of every Industry and Individual. Our echo is heard in our efforts we put forth in forging our products and proficiency of our services. Our work ethics are strong and relevant even for incoming generations. United System takes immense pride in presenting itself as an organization that will never stop believing in billion dreams of its people and ventures of offering only the best to our stakeholders. Our offerings are divided under three broad categories:
  • EPC contractorsFOHS, tanks, LP Piping, Large Diameter Piping, Fire detection & Alarm system, Structural Steel and Liquid port handling systems
  • ProductsStrainers, Heating & Pumping skids, floor coil heaters, heat exchangers, Flash tanks, drain oil tanks and electrical heaters.
  • ServicesTank Desludging/Cleaning/Repair & Mechanical services.


Towards victories
We aspire to be a global benchmark for Engineering, Construction and project management by creating value for our customers and by providing enriching and satisfying careers for our people.


Moving with Precision. Delivering Value. Preserving Reliance.
We make a difference through:

Our People

We strive hard to provide an equal platform that fosters teamwork, enhances leadership, nurtures talent and rewards hard work for every employee.

Our Conduct

To Provide a safe, environment friendly workplace that cares for our community and demonstrates highest of ethical standards.

Our Approach

To Be the EPC contractor of choice through constant endeavour to achieve extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction by delivering leading-edge, economical and seamless products and services.

Our Relationships

To build positive, long-term relationships that are built on honesty, trust, and respect.

Our Culture

To be an equal opportunity provider by building a diverse and collaborative work environment where openness and transparency is welcomed.